Hack Your Business – 7 KPIs instantly improved by BitNinja

Although many of our partners have been happy to see how BitNinja transformed their website security, they are still surprised when they experience the positive side-effects that BitNinja has on their KPIs. With over sixteen years of experience in web hosting behind us, we know exactly how hard it is to defend websites from cyberattacks.

Also, we know that you want to make sure of the outcomes and how your decision affects each area of your business. So, that’s why we are here to give a helping hand and show you what key metrics and KPIs have improved at our users by implementing BitNinja.

Let’s start with the most crucial ones!

#1 Complaints Received

BitNinja takes 100% responsibility to keep your websites clean and protected and cuts down your weekly support load by reducing the number of website alerts and (cybersecurity-related) customer complaints by 98.66%.

#2 Uptime/SLA

BitNinja streamlines your website to help prevent crashes due to overloads when resources are wasted or consumed by unnecessary tasks, whether it is a bitcoin miner, spam, or a DoS attack.

#3 Churn Rate

Did you know that 87% of unhappy clients leave companies without saying why? If you want to address customer churn, you must take care of their security because it’s one of the leading issues.

It’s your responsibility to recognize any compromised site, hacked mailbox, and spam. BitNinja takes away this pressure and reduces customer churn over security issues by preventing inbound and outbound attacks.

#4 Customer Satisfaction Rate

How powerful do you think CSAT is to your business? It’s probably more than most CEOs think.

Customer satisfaction directly affects your public reviews online. 80% of buyers trust customer reviews as much as they would a personal recommendation.

It’s not a new dimension of business, and their importance is growing rapidly as they have an incredible influence on your customers’ purchasing choices.

BitNinja helps you build a successful e-commerce business by optimizing your website protection and solving your clients’ most nagging security issues 24 hours per day, thus establishing a growing and 40% more satisfied customer base.

Customer Satisfaction Rate

#5 Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score indicates the customer experience and predicts business growth by telling how likely your customers recommend you to others – it’s a clear measure of an organization’s performance through its customers’ eyes.

On average, NPS leaders grow at more than twice the rate of competitors, so the ultimate test of agile development is providing value to customers. Security – without question – is a key value in e-commerce, because let’s face the truth: a hacked site affects your NPS 6 times more than a few hours of slow service.

net promoter score

BitNinja arms your business with security intelligence to achieve system stability by taking over the responsibility for non-stop firefighting and preventing cyber-attacks before they even get to your customers.

#6 Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value refers to the volume of revenues, which you expect that you will generate from a customer over the period that your service will be of value.

Hacker attacks such as DoS attacks, mass infections, and defacements typically cause churn waves and increase CLTV. So, you must handle security issues as a priority.

BitNinja helps you build a successful business by eliminating the pain of hacked websites from your customers’ lives, working for their safety 24/7.

#7 Security Costs

Being an all-in-one security system, BitNinja saves you from the constant pressure of buying, configuring, and managing many different security solutions – allowing you to protect your websites from web attacks for a reasonable price.

Your overtime expenses will also drop dramatically, with no more emergency resource allocation and unforeseen security issues. As you already know, time is money, and with BitNinja, your team can dedicate 70% extra time focusing on business and accelerating your project development cycle. In all honesty, there’s a bunch of other metrics that BitNinja affects directly, such as IP/Domain reputation.

We are eager to hear about which KPIs BitNinja helps to improve your business. If you have any suggestions for further developments, feel free to share them! We are always opened to new ideas. ?

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Let’s make the Internet a safer place together!

The BitNinja Team