Hacked, blacklisted or suspended?

How can you protect your website and your customer data? With BitNinja SiteProtection services you can eliminate the risks and stop hacker attacks!

Prevent your website from…

...Stolen Customer Information

The most beloved targets are credit card credentials. Besides, hackers can make money from data ransom, identify theft, and infrastructure stealing as well. If a data breach is discovered, it could be fatal for your company. You can lose your customers’ trust, reputation, revenue, and not to mention fines because of data protection laws, such as CCPA and GDPR.

...Blacklisted by Google

If your website spreads malicious software, then Google puts it on the blacklist and expels your site from their list. Usually, you lose around 95% of your organic traffic, which can rapidly decrease your revenue. Other search engines, such as Bing, treats infected sites in a similar fashion. Basically, you are off the internet until your website gets fixed.

...Loss of Profit

When your e-commerce business’ website is under attack, it gets unavailable to customers, which means they can’t buy anything from you during that time. You lose revenue plus, your costs go higher, and fixing is always more expensive than preventing. In addition, Google Blacklist and stolen customer data affect your profit harshly.

Show your website is secured by BitNinja

Displaying the BitNinja SiteProtection badge raises visitors’ trust level and increases your e-commerce business’ conversion by approximately 15%! The seal signs customers that your website is safe and trustworthy.


Protect your website and your visitors against cyber attacks
Google banned us because AdSense detected too many bot visitors on our site. After switching to BitNinja, our Google Adsense problem has been resolved and we no longer had botnet attacks. Our revenue from Google Ads raised significantly. 
BitNinja is secure, hassle-free, and comfortable.


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Advantages of Bitninja protection system

  • remove infections
  • website hardening
  • 24/7 security monitoring
  • automatized protection
  • data loss prevention
  • Remove infectionsFirst we scan your site to make sure there is no hidden backdoors or any malicious code injected into it. We also do complete website cleanup to remove any infections, malwares and backdoors if necessary.
  • Website hardeningBased on the vulnerability reports we set up hardening rules to patch the vulnerabilities and make your website IMMORTAL. This is all done automagically on our end by our security professionals.
  • 24/7 security monitoringAutomated and manual processes are inspecting your security logs 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If we find traces of a targeted hacker attack, we notify you and immediately start to lock out the attacker and harden the system even further to prevent penetration.
  • Automatized protectionThe AI-powered system automatically stops the attacks and does the website hardening to prevent further ones. So the security shield constantly adapts to your website’s unique needs.
  • Data loss preventationWebsites are attacked in every 39 seconds, and only one breach could be enough to lose critical customer data, and even lead to the end of your business. SiteProtection is a real-time defense, firewall changes or malware cleanups happen in just seconds, so you won’t lose any revenue or reputation.

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